Why Dental Patients and Dentists Need to Value Dental Staffing

When you visit the dental practitioner, you will see an array of friendly faces. Once you first get in the door you’ll be greeted by several dental professionals recruited through dental hygiene job specialists such as the receptionist then, usually, you’ll go and sit with the dental hygienist. If you’re going for a routine cleansing, this is often the space you’ll stay in because it is their job to provide you with that professional clean, the scaling, the surgical process and also the flossing that leaves you with a fresh, clean mouth.

A dental hygienist is an accredited professional who needs to be registered with a governing body. They not only clean the teeth of their clients but they additionally specialize in the prevention and treatment of oral sickness. They’re great at screening and offering prevention tips for oral cancers, and they can assess conditions and any worries that you may have with or concerning your teeth and gums.

When you opt for cleansing, you will also notice that it’s the hygienist who performs the X-rays, gets you ready to see the dental practitioner and also does the primary check and charting of your teeth. When you are younger, it’s the hygienist who administers the fluoride treatments.

Dental hygienists need to be versed on the technological side of dental medicine, getting your chart and notes on the screen for use by them and the dentist themselves. They lay the groundwork if you’ll of the full appointment and may typically answer all of your queries on the way.

For the youngest of patients, the hygienist acts as one of the first lecturers your children will have about their teeth and how to take care of them properly. They’ll instill correct brushing and flossing techniques and permit your children to ask questions of them regarding their overall oral health.

It is hard to think of a dental visit without the dental hygienist as they are doing such a lot to boost our smiles and work to keep our mouths healthy. They are not just another face in the workplace; these professionals are a great part of the dental team. If you take their advice to heart, you’ll find yourself in better oral health that translates into fewer journeys to the dental practitioner, and after all, a set of teeth that do it is a job well done!

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How Can a Dentist Motivate His Dental Staff to Do Their Best?

You do not want to risk losing your precious staff members by your actions towards them as a dentist.

Three things you may want to incorporate in this regard are as follow:

  1. Do not scare your staff. What we mean by this is even when you threaten to fire them, they will not necessarily just take their bags and walk away.  But, do not push your luck. You may be able to bully them to some point with your threats some of the time, but most of the time, they have other alternatives and can get employment elsewhere. If anything, rather exert some mild form of intimidation to get them to cooperate, but stay clear of outright threats.
  2. Do your homework. By this, we do not mean that you need to tear out a worksheet or a page from the latest issue of the Dental Magazine, only to throw the information at your dental staff the next meeting, and telling them to do what is stated within. Not at all, you are going to have to figure out the ins and outs, then present your staff with the necessary information knowledgeably and professionally. Also, be prepared for some form of resistance. Think of it like this. You know they need the information, but they don’t.
  3. Be a man or woman of your word by staying true to your word. Never back down from it. A word of caution, though. Be stingy in giving your word. As with everything, disciplining and keeping your word is a lot easier said than done.

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