Which Muzzle Brake Will Come Out on Top?

It is always useful to compare different muzzle brake brands to see how they behave and whether or not it’s worth adding any of them to your collection. So, without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at some favorites and how it makes the life of a shooter easier when using the best hunting rifles or doing a practice run at an indoor shooting range.

For privacy reasons, we will call the guy who is providing his opinion on which muzzle brake he thinks is best, Robert.

On one of his rifles a.30 caliber suppressor was missing from his silencer cache, so he settled for the Sandman Ti model. He found the QD mounting system to be awesome even though he wanted more of a direct thread for various reasons. What can be said about the Sandman Ti is that the machining is spot on and no flaws regarding its Cerakote application can be found. From Robert’s viewpoint, this baby proved to be one of the best and most pleasant .308 muzzle devices to use at an indoor shooting range. It came as a pleasant surprise that there were no blast and concussion issues to deal with.

What followed next was the amazing Dynamic Resistance.30 caliber brake. Somehow this brake matched the recoil reduction performance of the Dead Air muzzle brake. Not only that, it turns out to be compact and clean looking brake and appear curve like when you view it from the side. It features a parkerized finish and machining is near perfect and completely clean.

Following closely was the JP Large Profile Compensator of which the machining and materials proved to be top notch. The JP comps are manufactured in all sorts of bore and base diameters and features black and stainless steel materials that would suit most rifles. These are commonly found on competition guns.

Kahntrol Solutions hexagonal brakes prove to be aesthetically pleasing. Especially with certain rifle brands. The manufacturers decided to make use of black oxide rather than a standard coating like the Cerakote, which results in a rather disappointing porous like surface with pock marks presenting itself on the metal finish. Fortunately, your face is not close enough to notice any of these. Other than that, you can look forward to a solid performance with this one.

Did you have the chance to try the HexMod open muzzle brake? It was said that in smaller calibers as well as the .308, the HexMod performs quite well as it cuts recoil by at least one percent more than the 3-gun brake. In a big way, it comes into its own once you crank up the volume.

Then there is the Nitrous Compensator – Robert made use of the Lancer Heavy Metal Rifle when conducting his test. Just ahead of the ports, you’ll find an enclosed blast chamber that features a pair of holes on top of it. The purpose of the holes as you may have guessed is to divert the gas upwards to combat muzzle rise. What makes this muzzle brake unique is that the holes are threaded and the comp itself features six screw jets so the user may custom tune the downward force. It sure is a great looking muzzle device that sports a superb finish and flawless machining together with an adjustable muzzle rise.

Wait till you lay your eyes on two Madhouse Design (223 muzzle brake) models that truly stand out as different compared to other brands. We are talking about the Viper Brake and Triple-Port Muzzle Brake by MadHouse Design.

The Viper comes equipped with adjustable jets to tune the muzzle rise, but with a difference, as you can tune the muzzle drift in such a way that you can push the muzzle itself either to the left or right. The Viper is a 3-chambered brake the accommodates rearward angled blasts. Finish and machining on this one prove to be top notch. Left-hand shooters love experimenting with the Viper.

This brings us to the much awaited Triple-Port Muzzle Brake that is manufactured by MadHouse Design. If it is fast and accurate shooting you are after, then this brand is for you. What is more, the brake evenly distributes any excess gas and doing so laterally through its three precision ports that ensure superior recoil reduction without worrying about muzzle rise or blow back. Best of all, the shooter will experience an uninterrupted view of his target from muzzle flash. Learn more: 223 muzzle brake – Madhouse Design